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Hello everyone! This is the first game I've submitted to a game jam, so I hope ya'll like it. In this game, you play as an undercover cop who travels through time and collects ancient artifacts to discover the truth behind the mystery of Gazoolgo.

Okay, no, you don't do any of that. You're a desert bus (100) and you have to collect (100) candies before the evil Emperor Zoltar blows you up with meteors or blasts you away with lasers.

With the believable premise taken care of, the controls are simple:

W-S : Move Forward/Backward

A-D: Turn Left/Right

R/F: Respawn (if knocked over)

And that's it! With this knowledge in hand, venture forth and collect all of the candy for yourself! You selfish desert bus, you.


Or better yet, don't be a selfish desert bus and head on over to desertbus.org and chip in a dollar or two if you can afford it! Good luck to the desert bussers!



Caxt Nova : (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuMkQ0ssyBBMJFIBq... | discord: CaxtNova#6287 | imaginarygamestudios.com ) programming, design, art, audio design, visionary, petter of dogs (and cats, if they allow it)

Penandum : (twitter.com/penandum | discord: penandum #5393 | https://penandum.itch.io/a-hallows-evening ) programming, design, music, audio design, pro Genji player

Talon : Emperor Zoltar portrait, original ramp texture (deprecated)

Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions! Your feedback is much appreciated!

Thanks so much to Penandum for all the time and effort these past three days on this project. Check out any projects he's done/is doing/will do, and you won't regret it!


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