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This is Electroball, my first virtual reality game! In Electroball, you and two of your friends will try to power the generator with the energy of the electroball. The generator receives power whenever the electroball is in the middle of the level, but it doesn't like to sit still - you'll have to bounce the ball back and forth without letting it fall out of the play space, or the generator will lose some charge!

To create a new electroball, both players have to press the button behind them.

Everytime a player successfully blocks the electroball, their shield also gains a charge, up to a maximum of 10. A player can use two charges to gain a short increase to the size of the shield, or both players can use three charges at the same time to lock the ball in the center of the play field for a moment. Try to use the power ups to keep your combo alive!

Once you reach a score of 4000 points, you win the game! Good luck!

Setup and Controls (listed according to the Oculus Touch - the Vive may have different buttons!):

This game is played with one player wearing the virtual reality headset, and two players each using one of the hand controllers (e.g. Oculus Touch controllers). The headset wearing player stands in the middle of the playset, with each of the controller players standing to the left and right of the player (left controller on the left, right controller on the right).

To get to the game, press the Y and B buttons together on the menu.

Button press: Trigger button

Shield grab: Hold the Grip button

Shield size boost: Press in on the thumbstick, costs 2 shield charges

Ball lock: Both players press Y and B at the same time while the ball is in the center, costs both players 3 shield charges

This game was created in under two weeks as a profile submission to UCF's FIEA program.

Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip file, and run the .exe!

Requires SteamVR (free on Steam) and a virtual reality headset, such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive (not as free).


PlayElectroball.zip 21 MB

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