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Hey everyone! We're back with the latest and greatest Desert Bus experience - Sleepless in Desert Bus. Following this year's theme of sleep deprivation, we've forged a unique action RPG hack-n-slash infinite running game in which you're trying to jump your way through Tucson, Arizona all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada in true Desert Bus fashion (and perhaps, beyond?).


A and D to move left and right.

Spacebar or Right Click to swing your axe.

Up Arrow to activate your laser (once you've had enough coffee to drink).


You are a Desert Bus on a quest to get from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada, and of course the way to do that is level up your speed by cutting cacti in twain with your energy axe and jumping there, right? Of course.

Cut cacti in half with your axe to level up. Level up to increase your speed. But, don't fall asleep at the wheel! Drink coffee to stay awake, and to power up your laser. Once you've powered up your laser, unleash heck upon thee cacti.

Good luck!


Caxt Nova (me)

Penandum (not me)


PlaySleeplessInDesertBus.zip 35 MB

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